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Key Features & Benefits

Key Features and Benefits

Generate immediate revenue from your content by endorsing your favorite brands, products, and services.
Sell relevant products to your Internet audience – without making them leave your page.
Vwala! gives you cool and fun-to-use video and text endorsement tools along with a centralized dashboard for content management and sales tracking.
You have complete control over where product and ad endorsements are positioned within your text and video content.
Use Vwala! with YouTube's viral videos and directly pair product and video ad endorsements to generate revenue.
There are no limits to the number of endorsements you can post or the amount of revenue you can generate!
Vwala! works with mobile phones too!
Vwala! membership is FREE and there are NO ongoing fees.
How Do You & Your Viewers Benefit?

Using Vwala!, create your interactive text or video by pairing it with your favorite brand, product, or video ad. Then publish the Vwala! code in your blog or on your social network page.
Your friends and visitors can now see what you've endorsed, providing them with quality information and an option to buy products that you are a fan of - all without leaving your page.
You get paid when anyone either purchases or consumes an ad from your Vwala! endorsement!

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